Dear friends and customers,

We have delivered our latest model, the Ri-0250, the Polish Atlantic liner „Pilsudski“ to our dealors.She was built in 1935 on the Italian Cantieri Riuniti dell ‚Adriatico in Monfalcone.
With the „Pilsudski“ we deliver a model that is important to me in my series for two reasons:
For one thing, it is nice to be able to put sister ships next to each other.
The „Batory“ of 1936 is in every way a favorite ship of mine. I like the ship very much and the model that we have released a few years ago is still one of those that I‘m particularly proud of.
While the „Batory“ was the lucky ship, which was not scrapped until 1971, the „Pilsudsk1“ - just over four years old - was lost in 1939 in a minefield off the English east coast.
Another „Wartime Looser“ in our series.
And - the „Pilsudski“ is the last remaining missing link in the development of a series which I like to mention of the Cantieri Riuniti dell ‚Adriatico starting with the „Victoria“, in 1931 (recently published under the number Ri-0077) about the „Pilsudski“ and the „Batory“ to the „Stockholm“ of 1941 - the „Unfinished“, which we produced under the number Ri-0084.
Each of these ships was a „eye-candy“, three of them died young and fell victim to the war. Therefore, it is a special satisfaction to have these ships „immortalized“ as a model.
All the best from Munich

Burkhard Schütt

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